We divide prosthetic restorations into permanent appliances, i.e. those that are permanently fixed in the oral cavity, and the patient cannot remove them freely, and removable appliances, i.e. those that the patient should take out of the oral cavity every day.

Permanent prosthetic restoration

Permanent prosthetic restorations are prosthetic elements permanently fixed in the oral cavity.

Permanent restorations include:

  • All-ceramic crowns: porcelain-veneered prosthetic crowns with computer-scanned and cut zirconium oxide framework; preferred in the front part of the dental arch or wherever aesthetics of the highest level is required.
  • Porcelain-faced crowns on a metal base: very durable porcelain-veneered crowns. They can be made directly on the ground teeth; when the tooth is significantly damaged, they can be made on the crown-root inlays. In the case of missing single or several teeth, porcelain-faced crowns are used to make porcelain bridges on a metal base.
  • Temporary crowns: necessary for the temporary reconstruction of the treated tooth.

Removable restorations

These are all kinds of partial or full dentures. Partial dentures include skeletal dentures, splint dentures, acetal dentures mounted on natural teeth with the use of clasps or brackets, and acrylic dentures. Partial dentures are mounted on the teeth with the use of metal or aesthetic (acetal) clasps, or with the use of precise elements – locks or latches.

We make complete dentures of the highest quality acrylic.

There is a possibility of a very individual selection of the shape, colour and even setting of the teeth, e.g. based on the patient’s photo.

We carry out all types of repairs of damaged dentures. We insert missing teeth, glue broken denture plates, insert clamps, reline dentures, and replace unsightly, worn-out acrylic parts in skeletal dentures.

In addition to regular prosthetic restorations, the RODENTIS Dental Clinic performs all kinds of restorations in the field of implant prosthetics.