Aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry

The RODENTIS Dental Clinic offers both simple, one-session ways to improve the appearance as well as highly specialised treatments, preceded by a treatment plan, which radically change the appearance of a patient’s smile. But remember – a perfect smile is not only a nice look but also a guarantee of healthy teeth thanks to the creation of the correct relationships between the teeth. And this, in turn, helps the patient prevent caries and a serious periodontal disease – periodontitis.

Among the quick and minimally invasive methods of improving the appearance of teeth, the following deserve special attention: tooth cleaning, whitening and gentle contouring of the enamel surface.

Teeth cleaning

We offer the perfect removal of all plaque with the professional Air Flow S2 by the Swiss company EMS. This device allows us to thoroughly clean the teeth of tartar deposits as well as discolouration resulting from the deposition of food dyes from coffee, tea or nicotine smoke on the teeth surface. Top-class equipment allows us to adjust the force of both the ultrasonic tip and the sandblaster jet, so that people with weak and bleeding gums do not have to worry about the procedure. Thanks to the thorough polishing of the surfaces of the teeth and covering them with fluoride preparations, the teeth will not only be beautiful but also strengthened and protected. Repeating the treatment every 6 months guarantees healthy gums and clean teeth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a service offered by our Clinic at the highest world level thanks to the use of modern American BEYOND technology. Teeth whitening with the Beyond Polus™ accelerator consists in applying a special whitening gel to the surface of the teeth and then activating it by the accelerator’s light. The whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide and special ingredients whose task is to strengthen the whitening effect and reduce sensitivity. Exposure to the light generated by the Beyond Polus™ accelerator increases the speed at which the whitening gel moves through the enamel to the dentin. The light emitted by the accelerator significantly speeds up the teeth whitening process by increasing the frequency at which the hydrogen peroxide compounds break down. This causes a rapid oxidation effect inside the tooth structure, leading to breaking down and oxidizing the visible discoloration. The whitening process results in the white and shiny teeth of the patient. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes, but its duration may vary depending on the patient. Currently, the BEYOND™ system technology is used in over 100 countries around the world, and hundreds of people are subjected to such treatments every day. Teeth whitening using the BEYOND™ method is completely safe, which is confirmed by the absence of complications. The treatment can be safely repeated every 2 years.

In addition to single-session whitening with the use of the Beyond Polus™ accelerator, the RODENTIS Dental Clinic also offers traditional tray-based teeth whitening. We recommend this method to patients with oversensitive teeth or those who want to have full control over the intensity of the whitening process. The procedure consists in making impressions of the patient’s tooth arches in the dental office, based on which the technician performs individual, reusable, so-called silicone teeth whitening trays. At the next visit, the patient receives the trays along with the first portion of the whitening gel, which is self-applied inside the trays; the patient keeps the trays on the teeth while sleeping. At the next visit, the patient and the doctor assess the effects of the gel and the patients receives another portion of the whitening preparation. Such treatments are repeated several times. The concentration and the maximum number of whitening treatments are individually determined by the doctor. Tray-based whitening can be used as an independent whitening method or as a method of additional periodic whitening of the teeth previously whitened with the Beyond Polus™ accelerator.

In addition to whitening, we offer a wide range of BEYOND products, such as toothpaste or mouthwashes, which help you maintain the whitening effect.

Shape correction

Correcting and contouring the shape of the teeth (contouring or stripping) is a proven method to improve the smile of patients with chipped, cracked or uneven enamel. Reducing the length of the teeth or their slight elongation by using dental material in the colour of the teeth can significantly and quickly improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile.
If you want your teeth to look more even, less “compressed” or have a smooth surface, please contact us to make an appointment with a dentist. Thanks to a small correction of the shape of the tooth by a good specialist, you can often get a spectacular effect, visible immediately after the procedure. The treatment is safe; it does not weaken the teeth because it is performed only within the hardest tissue of the human body, i.e. enamel. After the treatment, the teeth are smoothed, polished and protected with fluoride preparations. The procedure is painless and can be performed during one visit.

Tooth jewellery

In our clinic, we can decorate your teeth with special jewellery. These are non-toxic, safe, precious crystals or ornaments made of precious metals attached to the tooth. These elements are not permanent and can be attached or removed at any time by a dentist. This ornament can be worn by any person with permanent teeth. The procedure is painless.
In addition to minimally invasive methods of improving the appearance, we also offer more invasive methods, which may be necessary in the case of significantly disturbed aesthetics. Among the invasive methods of improving appearance, aesthetic ceramic restorations deserve special attention.

Zircon-porcelain crowns

A discoloured tooth does not have to be a problem anymore. At the RODENTIS Dental Clinic, a discoloured tooth crown can be replaced with a ceramic crown. The new crown is covered with a layer of porcelain, the colour, shade and even individual pattern of which can be determined based on the patient’s individual needs. The inside of the crown is made of a hard and durable layer of zirconium oxide. The white zirconium “cap”, on which the porcelain is applied in a special process, is completely permeable to light rays, which guarantees unusual aesthetic effects. The computer technique of its production guarantees perfect adherence to the surface of the pillar of the ground tooth. Thanks to this, even after many years of use, when there is a physiological lowering of the periodontium, you can forget about the grey metal discolouration at the tooth neck.

Aesthetic clamps or complete acetal restorations

In a situation when it is necessary to make restoration in the form of a prosthesis, it can be made by replacing unsightly metal clasps with acrylic braces or individually selected acetal clasps according to the colour of the patient’s tooth.

Specialists in many fields are often involved in the entire process of improving appearance. A general dentist eliminates caries and determines the target colour of the teeth. The orthodontist plans the correct alignment of the teeth, while the surgeon and the prosthetist complement missing teeth. Only then can the patient fully enjoy the Hollywood smile. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge and education of our doctors, we can comprehensively deal with all, even the most difficult and demanding patients.